I have been taking pictures since a trip to Amsterdam when I was fourteen years old. My dad took me with him on a business trip and since there were only two of us, and we both wanted pictures of ourselves in front of various cool places, he handed me his Nikon.

And I haven't really put it down since. (Ok, I did give him back that particular camera eventually, but not til I purchased my own years later. Thanks for your patience, Dad!)

I like pictures that are honest. I do not like a great deal of posing or direction; I like to take my time and find the moment as I see it happening through my lens. For people who do not like having their photo taken, or insist that they are not photogenic, this method is foolproof. The magic moment will happen and I will capture it. It is quite simple, really. I don't like matching outfits or fake backgrounds; I don't like strict time or photo limits. I take bright, vivid portraits that capture the individual spirit and mood of my subjects. I shoot using natural light, following the lead of my subjects, and with a bit of guidance, patience, and usually lots of laughter, I find that everybody is, actually, quite photogenic after all.

If you would like proof, contact me. :-)